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Hey mes petits dreamers!

Today I discovered La Tour Eiffel. Well kind of.

After yesterday’s glimpse I felt I needed to get more up close and personal with her today – planning to explore the Eiffel Tower in all its glory from every angle I possibly could (and you’ll be glad to know I wore a jumper).

Before I set out this morning my checklist was long. I was even contemplating climbing all 1,665 stairs it takes to get to the top –  it would be the perfect box tick opportunity.

Since moving to Paris not only did I want to get out of my physical comfort zone… I also wanted to make a few mental adjustments of ‘the living in the now’ variety, as opposed to how I’d rushed through my 20’s with very few moments of just ‘going with the flow’.

SO since arriving I have promised myself to work on simply letting go. To stop rushing, stop living just to tick boxes and start enjoying having no fixed plan because we all know they usually turn to s*** anyway — especially when you’re traveling in a country you’ve never been to.

In short – I never did actually tick off my list and make it up the Eiffel Tower, not even close because as you can see I got totally distracted by an unexpected delight. A jazzy hand painted Volkswagen Beetle courtesy of Truck Art of Pakistan and frankly it would have been rude not to take a seat and get comfortable – SO that’s exactly what I did. I sat and simply enjoyed the view from an angle that I could never have expected.

Although my plan was not exactly as planned, it served as the perfect reminder to simply ‘go with the flow’ and enjoy a moment when it presents itself rather than rush off to the next place on my list.

Same place same time tomorrow ?