Hello mes petits dreamers!
Sarenza recently invited me to create an exciting collaboration in which I would create a series of 4 photo shoots celebrating friendship and to promote the new Made by Sarenza collection. With an opportunity to  spend time with my friends and create a fun shoot how could I say no!
The first location of the 4 photo shoots was in the backstreets of Montmartre, where we decided to make the most of the last days of Autumn before the winter sets in and legs are nowhere to be seen. We wore playful short dresses, our favorite Made by Sarenza shoes and accessorized with giant pastel balloons. Obviously.
So, now let me introduce you to my friends Perrine and Ludivine who make up my Made by Sarenza squad! #mysquadisbetterthanyours
the balloon diary
balloon girl
Perrine Bonafos
I met Perrine 2 years ago at one of the first parties I ever went to in Paris. She was a friend of my husband and he had always raved about how lovely she was and for one of the first times he was absolutely right 😉 Perrine was so friendly and open minded and had a genuine curiosity about why I had moved to Paris in the first place. I explained to her how I came to Paris to change the direction of my life and follow my dreams. She was supportive and encouraging of my move and ensured me that Paris was a great place to start as it is filled with inspiring women! Perrine then shared with me a bit about her life and how she had created “Les Confettis”, a colourful lifestyle webzine for women and that she was now in the process of developing the concept into a print magazine. Perrine recently had a baby girl and she told me that this life changing experience had helped to contribute to her seize the day attitude and no regrets approach. I loved how open and honest she was. A year later “Confettis” the magazine was ready and Perrine asked me to feature in the magazine to share my story and experience about moving to a new city and how my life had changed since then. I was so excited to be included in a concept that celebrates diversity and shares the stories of other women pursuing their creativity.
Inside you’ll find creative content on an array of subjects inspired by each letter of the magazine’s name  C-O-N-F-E-T-T-I-S Culture, Originality, Network, Family, Entreprise, Trends, Time, Invitation and Society. Both of us shared a passion for women pursuing their creative endeavours and meeting Perrine so early on in my move overseas definitely made me feel like I was on the right path. Kind, creative and optimistic, she had all of the qualities that I admire which is why I asked her to be a part of the #mysquadisbetterthanyours collaboration for Made by Sarenza.
  les confettis
Perrine wearing  Queens Cross #3
purple balloon
Ludivine Cherif-Cheikh 
We met at a party over champagne – which always makes for a great introduction. Ludivine was at the event with her partner Alexandre who worked on a TV show called “Paris Dernière,” for many years where he had gotten to know everything and anything about nightlife in Paris. Having had so many different experiences regarding different nightspots this gave Ludivine and Alexandre the idea to team up and create the blog Paris24/7 . From bars, restaurants, clubs and concerts they share all of their best addresses in Paris.
Being so new to Paris and having no idea about anything it was great to meet someone with so many great tips! Not only had Ludivine enlightened me on where I should be spending my nights out but she also had me in stitches with her killer sense of humour. Something you worry about when you move abroad is sometimes not being able to connect with people because of the language barrier and cultural differences, but after one night with Ludivine I understood that you can always find like minded people where ever you are in the world. Numerous dinners and brunches filled with laughter followed after that night. Always with a positive attitude and full of great advice how could she not be part of my squad?!  #mysquadisbetterthanyours.
Ludivine  wearing See Ya Topanga #3
Me wearing Queens Cross #5
If you’d like to follow our next adventures with Made by Sarenza feel free to check out @Theballoondiary,@lesconfettis and @ludivinecc.