Hello mes petits dreamers! 🙂

Scarlet lipstick has long been a beauty staple in my make-up bag. I just love how something like a red lipstick can completely change your attitude and transform even the most boring outfit into something fun and sexy, which is why I was so excited to collaborate with Bourjois to unveil the latest Bourjois Rouge Edition meets the Velvet and Red Edition collection.
Dubbed the ‘sexiest’ lip color in history, the pursuit of finding the perfect shade of red lipstick can sometimes be overwhelming but this new collection “Red in the City” makes it easy by offering an array of varied shades of red in both matte or semi-matte or liquid depending on what mood you’re in! With so many new styles available you will be sure to find the shade that suits your skin tone, hair and features best.
The reality of red is that it always works and is entirely immune to the revolving trends in fashion and will always be timeless and feminine.  If you’re worried about wearing red? Don’t be. Wear it as a stain, a slick of gloss or a velvet of colour.  As long as it’s red!
I love to experiment with different shades of red and today I got to test out 4 of the new shades available from the new collection.
It’s Redding Men” n° 18 and “Grande Crue” n° 8,  from the “Red Velvet Edition” collection of matte liquids, which hold for up to 12 hours without a new application – I was in love with the quality of coverage that you don’t usually find in many liquids and the depth of colour was impressive.


rev-08-grand-cru_lifestyle rev-08-grand-cru_portrait-zoom
Cherry My Cherie” n ° 34 and “Red-outable” #45 from the “Red Edition 12 hours” collection were next on the list. Semi-matte, the texture was amazing and also doesn’t need a re-application for up to 12 hours! This concept is potentially life changing given the number of times I’ve put lipstick on at home and forgotten to put it in my purse and within a few hours my French husband will ask me “Who ate your lipstick”!??.
Someone eating my lipstick will now be a thing of the past and I couldn’t be happier! 🙂

re-12h-34-cherrymycherie_portrait-zoomre-12h-45-redoutable_lifestyle re-12h-45-redoutable_portrait-zoom

Alors, qu’elle est votre teinte préférée ?