This week I discovered a new personal shopping concept Lookiero. What a game changer!! Gone are the days of waiting in lines for change rooms, unhelpful staff telling you that you look great just to get a sale when you know that dress you loved on the mannequin isn’t doing you any favours and that general overwhelming feeling that you have looking at racks and racks of clothing not knowing where to start. And in the end finishing a day of shopping with nothing or things that you get home only to think to yourself why did I f****** buy this!? Then having to go back and repeat the whole dreaded process all over again.

Ok, I get it some women LOVE to shop but I for one am not in that category. I find the whole process super stressful and would without a doubt rather have my clothes delivered to my doorstep while I’m in my pyjamas on the couch 😉

This new concept by Lookiero is perfect for people who share the same feeling or that just simply don’t have the time that it takes to keep their wardrobes updated. I think I’ve discovered a stress-free solution to staying stylish!


How does it work ? Once you log onto the website it’s super easy and quick only taking a few uncomplicated steps to complete your own personal profile. Step by step Lookiero will start to understand everything that you are looking for. What’s your body shape? What are your favourite garments to wear? What parts of your body do you like to show off more than others? What are you needing your new clothes for? Work? Special occasions? Once your profile is complete a personal stylist will get to work on selecting 5 garments or accessories that will tick all of your boxes.

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Within a few days after placing your order, you will receive your Lookiero box filled with treasures that were carefully hand chosen specially for you. You then have up to five days to try the garments in the comfort of your own home and decide what you would like to keep. If you would like to return any of the pieces there are no additional cost and even better if you decide to keep all of the five items Lookiero will give you a 25% discount on your entire box. Not bad.

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I’ve created a short video below to show you all of the pieces that I received along as well as a few pics of my favourite looks. All of the pieces that were chosen for me were in line with my personality and personal style but the jumpsuit was definitely the standout. J’adore!

If you’d like to see how well Lookiero knows you and your personal style and would like to try having your own personal shopper visit You’ll also receive a 10% discount off the total price of 250 euros if you use the code BDLOOKIERO. Happy shopping!! 🙂