I was recently invited to spend the day with the team from My Blend to discover the new innovative range of cosmetics.

I was told that Dr Olivier Courtin had observed throughout his career as a surgeon that skin tissue regeneration is not only related to age and skin type, but also depends on optimum physical and psychological condition. So, it only made sense that I’d be taking an incredible tour over Paris by Helicopter followed by a session of indoor skydiving and drinking cocktails in below 0 temperatures to test out the theory!

Based on the belief and understanding that your cosmetic products should be personalised and unique to your own lifestyle such as your environment, eating and sleep habits, stress levels and pollution which all affect the condition of your skin.

Moving from the warmer climate of Sydney to Paris and noticing how my skin changed I couldn’t agree more with the theory so I was excited to find out more and how My Blend could help save or at least slow down the onset of my sometimes spotty, dry and dull visage.

Dr Olivier Courtin had discovered the ability of peptides to protect the nerve endings, discovering a link between the skin and the brain in terms of cell regeneration. I was all ears!!

I sat down to have my skin diagnosed with a dermatologist from the MY BLEND team. We went through different aspects of my lifestyle, how much water I drank (not enough), how many hours I slept (not enough) and the individual characterises of my skin type. Based on my diagnostic it was no surprise that I was in serious need of a little boost. 4 to be exact.

1. The Antioxidant Booster and 2. The Invisible Pore Booster both are to be mixed into the Stress Management Face Cream to be used in the morning. Followed by 3. The Vitamin Power Booster and 4. The Redness Rescue Booster again both have to be mixed in with the Stress Management Face Cream formula made for the evenings.

I was also given a Skin Polishing Face Scrub Cleanser that is to be used a few times a week and a Youth Preserving Skin Care Lotion that is meant to be applied before the day or night creams.

I have to say the whole process of mixing up your own formulas is rather satisfying and I’m a strong believer in taking time out for yourself, so adding this ritual to my daily routine is realistic and not too much fuss.

After the promise of smaller pores, how could this day get any better!??

Well, it did. I jumped on a helicopter and circled over Paris. Yep. It was amazing and something I would highly recommend doing. Even though I’ve lived here 2 years now I still have no idea of the direction of some of the famous landmarks so now I feel I have a slightly more solid grasp.

After sitting down to a delicious meal at  Plisson, it was time to see if I still had that adventurous spirit that I like to claim after I went skydiving in New Zealand like 10 years ago.

It was time to take the skydiving indoors! It looked easy and I had done the real thing so how bloody hard could it be? Well, it is. It was a serious workout as you have to focus on your core muscles so you don’t go flying into the side of the walls. Lucky I have my Stress Management Cream. #itwasasetup.

Completely exhilarating and a very cool and original way to explain the theory behind the My Blend range and why it’s so important to consider your lifestyle when choosing cosmetics and caring for your skin.

The last stop of the day was at the Kube Hotel ice bar to enjoy a cocktail in – 10-degree temperatures.

If you’d like to find out your own diagnosis you can here: www.myblend.com