Hey mes petits dreamers,

As you may already know from my previous articles I’m collaborating with Made by Sarenza celebrating my friendship with Ludivine from Paris 24/7 and Perrine from les Confetties #mysquadisbetterthanyours.

In the last post, I shared with you the story of how I met both of these lovely women and how they encouraged and helped me settle into my new life here in Paris. This week I want to talk about more serious issues. Shoes!

To discuss the matter we all got together at Ludivine’s lovely home for brunch. Where we sat down, stood up and went upside down all in the name of shoes glorious shoes.

Shoes have always been my favourite element of the fashion experience and not just because you can’t leave home without them. They have the ability to transform the blandest outfit into something seemingly more playful and stylish.









I have been known to wear the same outfit for multiple days. Sometime’s I feel like I’m onto something good. Sometimes I’m just being lazy. Either way, there is nothing wrong with it and by simply changing my shoes I’ve discovered that technically I’m not wearing “the same outfit”.

For me, shoes maintain an amazing escapist quality that anyone can participate in. You don’t have to achieve a particular look by spending hours mixing and matching clothes to live up to the standards of the fashion industry and it’s forever changing trends. I have shoes that I have owned for years that I still love and simply putting them on makes me feel great regardless of what out of season clothes I might be wearing.

My love affair with shoes is simple and uncomplicated and with a bit of imagination, my shoes maketh my outfit leaving me with more time to worry about life’s other challenges.

Over delicious burgers I asked the girls to finish the following important sentences:


I deserve new shoes…”because I run Paris en long en large et en travers. I have 3 & more lives (the mum, the working girl, the friend, the bloger) and need different pairs for each 😉 “.

Give a girl the right shoes… “and she can be wearing nothing but them 😉 Walking around naked is not really convenient, at least in Paris, but my point is that the shoes, to me, make the outfit”.




I deserve new shoes because… “This is the only thing I can buy in this period of pregnancy 😉 And then for me, this has always been the signature of a look. We can possibly wear clothes a little cheap if it makes a coherent whole and if it is well worn but beautiful shoes will always sign a silhouette. Shoes alone suffice to be elegant. For me, they do not support mediocrity”.

Give a girl the right shoes… “And she can conquer the world. Well-grounded, you gain confidence and self-confidence. It is key to face the daily challenges”.



Me: I think you already know how I feel about shoes 😉

Here is one of my favourite styles from the new Made by Sarenza collection!