Bonjour mes petits dreamers !

Today I discovered le Petit Palais – and also that I had to make a tough decision.  Should I go inside and take a look or sit under a cherry blossom tree out front?  For the love of pink I chose the tree.  Sorry Petit Palais – you’re impressive and all that – but I’ll come back and get to know you better another time.

I was still in the zone of yesterday’s cosmic love order.  How could I not sit beneath this pink beauty? Cherry blossoms are an omen of good fortune and love, the perfect place to spend a moment getting swept away in the fantasy of a Parisian love affair.

Back home in Australia, we do have some lovely gardens of our own but – sorry – it’s just not the same.  (We have other attributes like meat pies, something the French know nothing about, so the way I see it, it’s Aus 1 – Fra 1).

Another special thing about today was that this morning I had a call from my brother to tell me that he and his wife are having a baby!  She also just happens to be an incredibly talented florist back in Sydney, so it was a little tribute to them to sit and send my love from across the globe.

See you tomorrow!