Hey mes petits dreamers,

Today I discovered Le Bistrot La Renaissance and that cigarette stained walls are totally “vintage chic”. 😉

This timeless bistro in the 18th arrondissment has retained its authenticity other than the Art-Deco windows added in the 1930s, since the bar opened in 1905.

Le Bistrot La Renaissance has all of the characteristics of a typical Parisian bistro. Mercury mirrors that have lost their lustre and walls that were originally off-white now yellowed by a century of cigarette smoke. All of these attributes have made it a popular location choice and the inspiration for numerous filmmakers. Big name directors such as Quentin Tarantino chose this location to shoot several sequences for Inglourious Basterds after discovering the bistro in Le Sang Des Autres. Two crucial scenes were shot here: The first, Shoshanna, the young Jew played by Melanie Laurent, meeting a German war hero. The second, the same soldier presents him without knowing the officer who killed his family, played by Christoph Waltz who is currently in the new Tarantino movie Django a personal fav.

I sat in the sun enjoying my café goumand – an amazing French, excuse to be able to eat several different desserts in one go, without feeling guilty. After a few minutes I thought what genius wears a black sweater and jeans on a scorching hot day? That would be me so I quickly moved inside and ended up sitting in the very same spot as Melanie Laurent did during the film just looking a little less glamorous.

Still getting lost in the right direction.




 Wearing black when it’s 40 degrees. Nice work.


Happy on the inside.


 Stained glass. So Frenchy. So chic.


 The walls used to be off-white.


The cigarette effect.


The famous seat!


  My name is Shoshanna Dreyfus. Not really.


 Merci beaucoup! 🙂