Hey mes petits dreamers,

Today I discovered le Ballon de Paris the thrill seekers option to view Paris from and incredible birds eye view.

The Ballon de Paris has run since 1999 in le Parc André Citroën. More than half a million people have pretended not to be afraid of heights, bought a ticket at 12 euros and floated up into the sky. Always saying YES to a new and exciting opportunity, I didn’t hesitate to jump aboard. It wasn’t until the giant balloon 35 metres in height and 22.5 meters in diameter reached its 150-metres mark in the sky that I thought s**** what if the cable snaps and we’re all goners. Swaying from side to side and twisting around it as actually a little bit scary. The paranoia quickly subsided, I held on got over it and enjoyed the view like no body’s business. Looking across at the Eiffel tower on the horizon, down at the Seine and fields of green it was so beautiful to see Paris from this angle.

This Parisian balloon is the least polluting aircraft in the world as it operates on an electric winch and continued on an environmental theme spring of 2008 the ball took on a new dimension by becoming an indicator for the citizens of air quality. The Paris Balloon changes color depending on the quality of ambient air in Paris.  A bloody great idea!

All in one piece I spent the rest of the afternoon discovering the nooks and crannies of the rest of the park. Mentionable highlights included topless men working on their tans.

Leaving the park, my day had been seamless. Then I took the wrong bus.  Awesome. A strong believer that everything happens for a reason I didn’t have a tantie I just got off and walked a bit whilst deciding what I’d do. I don’t believe in god but if I did, he was looking out for me because right in front of me was a cute little restaurant le relay Auteuil. God wanted me to sit, relax and have a drink. So I did.

I ordered myself a delicious cocktail: black current, cucumber and Suze which is a French brand of bitters flavoured with the roots of the plant gentian, normally drunk as an apéritif. I’d never heard of it so it would be culturally ignorant not to try. The result was unusual and scrumptious all at the same time. Whilst I was enjoying my drink, I got chatting to a lovely young guy passing by who’s eye caught my balloon. His name was Osmany and he happens to work in the area and ended up taking my photo as part of a new and very cool project he has just started @cellfieproject – Merci beaucoup Osmany 🙂

I should take the wrong bus more often.

Still getting lost in the right direction.




Adventure awaits.


On approach.


Am I sure I want to do this?


Hell yeah!


Game on.


Ummm how high do we go?????




Montparnasse Tower I see you!


Oh la la.




The truth about the hedge.


Ant people playing games.


Am I a perv?


The cleanest place in Paris.


Green and more green.




Exhilaration after the panic.


No access you say? Where’s my swimsuit! #YOLO.


Sadly I was wearing a g-string.


So I couldn’t scare the children.


So jelly.


More exploring.


Don’t look at my bum.


Hedge hunting.


Osmaney from @Cellfieproject 🙂


Merci Le Relais D’Auteuil for the cocktail!