La passerelle Léopold Sédar-Senghor

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Bonjour mes petits dreamers !

Today I discovered la passerelle Léopold Sédar-Senghor, formerly known as the Solférino Bridge.  I also discovered that it was time to place a very important cosmic order.

After yesterday’s nature hit I was ready to pound the pavement again so I decided to pay the Léopold Sédar Senghor a visit.

The “Love Locks” have already been removed from the Pont des Arts (the most famous love lock bridge in Paris) to stop it from collapsing after years of couples leaving the locks as a lasting token of their love for one another.  (Most of them are probably divorced by now but that’s irrelevant…).

I walked up and down and stalked the hundreds of personal messages on the locks.  It got me thinking… I need to place my own cosmic love order.  It’s time to meet a fabulous Frenchman.  Some may say that it’s a little premature as I’ve only just arrived: “Be single” “Just have fun” But I’ve done all that and besides, I don’t speak a word of French and they say that the best place to learn is on the pillow.

DONE. Order placed. Here’s an express order form if you’re interested in testing out the cosmic order system.

Dear Cosmos, I would like to order…..



Disclaimer:  When you place your cosmic order try and be specific.  I’ve had my fair share of orders gone terribly wrong by not including some serious deal breaking qualities when looking for a mate.

Good luck with your own orders and let’s cross our fingers for mine.

See you tomorrow!