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Bonjour mes petits dreamers!

Today I discovered l’Avenue Montaigne.  After sighting so many sophisticated fashionistas at yesterday’s tennis event I was in the mood for some window-shopping of the high-end variety – emphasis on “window-shopping.”  I’ve only just arrived so I need to watch my pennies.  I will not be purchasing any 5 thousand dollar crocodile purses today. 

This famous street is dedicated to luxury with the Dior flagship store at number 30, as well as Chloe, Céline (a personal fav), Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, blah blah blah.  Let’s face it. I can’t afford to shop in these stores but it’s still lovely just to have a look.  I’ll be sticking to Topshop and Zara for now.

Strolling strolling, I also came across the Plaza Athénée, a hotel known for its iconic red awnings and views of the Eiffel Tower.  A few quick snaps and an important future note to self:  Don’t forget to always look up.

More strolling strolling and oohh la la what do we have here? A giant pair of twinkling lips – OMG it’s Le Crazy Horse – I’ve heard interesting things about the Crazy Horse cabaret like 1. It was the inspiration behind Beyoncé’s “Partition” film clip and 2. all the girls in the show wear identical merkins. Otherwise known as pubic wigs. Amazing. What’s not to love?

Going home to Google: Why do the Crazy Horse Girls wear merkins?  

See you tomorrow!