Hello mes petits dreamers!

As you know I’m collaborating with Made by Sarenza to celebrate the new collection with my friends Ludivine and Perrine #mysquadisbetterthanyours! This is the third day we got to hang out taking photos together all in the name of fabulous shoes, and also time that I stopped talking about myself 😉

So, today I’m asking @Ludivinecc mum, friend and creator of the Parisienne blog Paris24seven.com what it means to be French, why she also shares my love of Montmartre and if she passed me in the street could she tell that I’m not Parisienne!?

Ludivine, tell us a bit about yourself? 

I’m a 30 years old Parisian girl, grew up in Barcelona, so I’m often fed up of the bad weather here, and need to travel to the sun pretty frequently 🙂 I work as a communications director in a big international design agency called CBA. I also write a blog with my fiancé (first time I officially name him fiancé!!) about Paris : where to go, what to do, what to wear… Paris24seven.com check it out! And last but not least, when you run into me during the day, it is pretty likely that I am accompanied by an almost 2yo (adorable) baby Gaspard, he follows me everywhere and already knows Paris by heart 🙂

What do you love most about living in paris?

I love its rythm and its options, how we can do a million different things every day and at the same time how “small” this big city is… After more than 10 years living here, I run into people I know almost every day randomly !

When someone is planning their first trip to Paris and they ask you what they should be sure not to miss, what do you tell them?

I’d say Montmartre ! A few years back, I would not have said the same… But I discovered the neighboorhood when I first moved there with Alex and I now could not live too far away from it ! It is the perfect mix between what tourists want to see (Sacré Coeur, Moulin Rouge…) and what Parisians like : cool laid back bars, cafés and shops opening more and more, quiet and not so quiet charming streets…

Ludivine wearing Made by Sarenza Rock-a-hula #1

What do you think is, essentially, the allure of the Parisian woman?

The more natural, the better ! Her outfit should be the same for work and for a party or for a diner with friends. She can maybe change some accessories and add some lipstick if it’s a party 🙂

To you, who is your ideal Parisian woman?

Could be you! 😉

What is it about her that inspires you in particular?

About you, but also about anyone who lives in Paris and loves the city and gets to enjoy every opportunity this city offers ! Being a Parisian does not mean being born in Paris, it means still loving the city dispite the stressful, grey-freezing life it offers.

Would you say Parisian style is passed down from generation to generation?

I am not sure of my answer here… because I was born in Paris but went to live to Barcelona right after and came back 18 years later… But I do hope my kids love Paris and its style the same way as I do! And I’ll definitely try to pass on this passion to my kids.

What are the things you think every woman should have in her closet, but what’s the one thing you use to update your wardrobe with?

In both cases I’d say shoes : every woman should have nice ones to match with any basic style, and at the same time, it is the one thing that needs to be frequently updated (I hope Alex will read this…)

What’s your ultimate Parisian beauty secret?

It is actually a non parisian beauty secret that I’m sure everyone (but a parisian) knows… Recently, I have discovered that the flat thing you can put at the end of your hairdryer actually really changes the way your hair looks after drying it. So to all the parisian that either don’t dry their hair or do dry it quickly and “n’importe comment” : it is a must try 😉 I had always wondered how some girls had such nice brushed hair… NOW I KNOW! 🙂

What does it mean to you to be French?

Having the best cheese (in the world) you agree, right?

Me wearing Made by Sarenza Nomad Mermaid #7

What’s the one dead giveaway that someone’s not Parisian?

A funny and easy one could be the streets and cafés in Montmartre a person goes to. According to where he/she goes, I could immediately tell he/she is Parisian or not 😉

Merci beaucoup Ludivine! YES I agree with the cheese, however I’m never inviting you to a cafe in Montmartre 😉

Next time i’ll be talking to Perrine from @Lesconfettis so stay tuned!