Today I share my secret weapon to achieving the perfect sun-kissed hair for this summer! L’ Indian Sun de Franck Provost
Being Australian when it comes to my hair I can’t go passed a naturally “sun kissed” look for Summer and after the weather we have had in Paris lately it’s a bit difficult to achieve. For me the best alternative is to visit the gorgeous Franck Provost salon in 61 Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt to test out the new technique Indian Sun with @chloé_penderie and @Junesixtyfive!
For 40 years Franck Provost has been reinventing his craft with passion. Combining his years of expertise along with his understanding of Parisian chic and glamour Indian Sun is his newest creation that sees stylists use a special contouring technique to sculpt, soften and highlight specific areas of the face to achieve the most flattering result.
The technique is tailored to compliment all different face shapes of which I am told I’m a “triangle”.  Curious to know what the “ideal” shape actually is I ask Fabien the charismatic son of Franck and also an internationally renowned stylist who politely reply that in fact “oval” is the ideal. I’ll be back as an oval in my next life but for now, the job at hand is to soften my “triangle”.
I sit back and enjoy my time at the Salon that is completely unpretentious and cosy. 20 minutes later VOILA! The treatment is super quick, lasts up to 6 months and costs around 35 euro – can’t complain.
Having moved to Paris over a year ago finding a good coiffure has been one of my biggest girly dilemmas and it feels pretty good to know that I will never have to walk out of another “I’ll give it a go” salon with tears in my eyes and an empty wallet.

franck provost