En route pour Cannes with Europcar
This week I was in Cannes to celebrate the 2018 Cannes Fim Festival. And like every year it didn’t disappoint!
What made the experience this year so inspiring to be a part of was that I was invited to share my time in Cannes with some young inspiring film directors who had won a competition with Europcar France.
There is nothing I love more than to see people follow their dreams and creative intuition. And this initiative was created by Europcar to encourage just that.
Their mission was to create their own original film script for #EnRoutePourCannes. 3 scripts were selected that would win the financing of the projects + 3 000 €. The creators of two of these films were then invited to experience the illustrious Cannes Film Festival and walk the infamous red carpet along-side the biggest names in the industry.
The first film selected was “Zoner” written and directed by Angelo Souny the other was “Mystic River” written and directed by Julie Diocles and Clement Boley. Both films were created in less than a month and the talent of these young directors definitely shows in the final product.
Talking with Julie, Clement and Angelo was a sheer joy. It was so refreshing to hear about what they had in store for their future projects in this exciting industry  that is now so easily accessible with platforms such as youtube for them to showcase their talents on. Congratulations for winning this great initiative!!
You can watch the two winning films from the #enroutepourcannes project in collaboration with @eurpocar.fr