I’m so excited to share that the internationally acclaimed Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese will once again grace the stage of the legendary Crazy Horse in Paris! Whenever I am asked what is the one MUST SEE/DO when visiting the city of lights I always point them in the direction of the giant sparkling red lips to see burlesque at its best!

This will be Dita’s third collaboration with the iconic show and will see the glamorous icon performing a savvy blend of original creations as well as her favorite acts from the cabaret’s timeless and classic repertoire.

In the lead up to the show that premier’s on the 15th of March I was lucky enough to sit down with the flawless Dita to ask who she would invite into the Crazy Horse’s famous shared toilet? What every woman should try at least once? And what  we can expect from the “Dita’s Crazy Show”?!


What is the most exciting thing about your return to The Crazy Horse?
Well I think the most exciting thing is that every time I’ve come here I was the first ever guest star in the history of the place and I just did one of my normal acts that I normally do and then the second time I did a little bit more and a little bit more so this time, I’m performing more than ever and I have a lot more stage time than usual. I’m challenging myself by learning some of the classic choreography with the dancers and we also have a new act that I have conceptualized with Ali Mahdavi utilizing new state of the art video mapping technology which has never been used before in the genre of striptease at the crazy horse or anywhere else for that matter so it’s really new! Everyone is like WOW we’ve never seen anything like this before, so it’s a really exciting moment to bring together classic style striptease with this new technology.

If you could have anyone sitting in the front row for the premiere of this year’s show, who would it be?
Let’s see… I would really enjoy having all of my friends that live here in Paris, but I would have to say Lesley Caron, who is one of my great dance idols of the golden age of Hollywood.  I think having someone like her in the front row who is very Parisian and from the dance world would be really exciting.

What’s the most original gift you’ve ever received from a fan?
Well, I receive a lot of original art and a lot of fans get tattoos of me which is a really amazing tribute. I think that’s the thing that is the most unusual – it’s their skin! So is a real honor.

What is the difference between performing at the Crazy Horse as opposed to any of your other shows?
I have a full-length review called Strip Supreme that’s an hour and a half long that showcases all of the acts that I’m known for. The show fills a theatre style stage and the cast represents a diverse range of burlesque performers of all different shapes, sizes and ethnicities and really changes people’s minds about what is sensuality and beauty? That’s a very different kind of show as it represents my personal creations along with the creme de la creme of the burlesque world and I think the Crazy horse is a very different style in that there is a long-standing tradition here of a certain standard of beauty that is totally different but also extremely impressive. For me, I love to see both sides. I love seeing perfection in beauty, but I also really love seeing something that changes your mind about what it is to be beautiful. Here at the Crazy Horse, it’s more like performing in a movie where everyone sees every thought that you have, so I always feel very conscientious of that knowing that the audience can see every tiny detail. It’s very different to the big showbiz dance that I’m used to doing.

If you weren’t a burlesque dancer what career would you have pursued?
My first job was working in a lingerie store when I was 15. I did that for 10 years and that’s what really got me involved in recreating vintage style pin-ups and then ultimately burlesque and I now also have my own lingerie collection so it’s kind of come full circle! I’m an aesthetic control freak, so If I wasn’t in burlesque shows I guess I would be directing them! I remember meeting someone that was working for Vanity Fair and thinking that would be the job that I would have if I wasn’t in showbiz. I would love to be the person that oversees the overall picture not just the clothing, but the beauty, style, shoes, light and the photographer. I’d be the director of glam!

What’s your favorite thing to do in Paris when you’re not performing?
I have a lot of friends here so I just like to catch up with my them when I can. 

What do you miss from home when you’re in Paris?
Healthy food! I live in LA and we have all these amazing vegan and organic restaurants that are open around the clock.  They’ll even deliver it to you at any hour so I really miss the convenience of that. 

I saw your post on Instagram of the shared toilets here at the crazy horse venue. Who would you invite in?
Gosh, let’s see, obviously any of my nice girlfriends who are neat and tidy 😉

My husband cooks naked for a profession and people always ask me if I get jealous. Have you had many jealous boyfriends?
I certainly have but it never lasts very long! Some men just don’t understand the difference between what’s on stage and what’s in his bed. It’s not like being painted in light and body makeup and covered in feathers and rhinestones is exactly realistic – it’s more like being a living work of art.  I’ve had younger boyfriends back when I went through a phase where I was dating guys like 15 years younger than me and it was fun, but they didn’t really understand the concept!

What should every woman try at least once in her life?
Red lipstick.

What is the one thing you don’t leave home without?
Red lipstick.

Merci Beaucoup Dita! x

After this amazing encounter, I’m off to do two things! 1. Book my tickets to the show 2. Re-address my grooming habits.

If you would like to see Dita Von Teese & The Crazy Horse Girls performing in “Dita’s Crazy Horse” from the 15th – 30th of March you can reserve your tickets here! Dita’s Crazy Show