After working in a corporate career for most of his life, Gilles Leonard dreamed of a more creative path in the fashion industry. His goal to create a concept in which the customer was at the centre of creation and it was with this idea that MailleLéo was born.
Gilles had a strong desire to focus on using high-quality fabrics giving the customer the opportunity to select whatever they desired to fit their lifestyle and to then have the option to customise the garment any way they choose adding individuality and personality to their clothing.
Using only the very best fabrics such as organic cotton, flax and silk maille Leo focuses on fluidity, flexibility, and most importantly comfort to create what will be your favourite pieces in your wardrobe that can be worn during any season.
I was welcomed into his stylish workshop at 77 Rue Saint Maur to awaken my creativity and with the assistance of Gilles and his fashion-forward team. Once I had chosen my garment of choice – for me it was a timeless white top, I was then presented the “Toolbox”. The toolbox contains over 200 fun and quirky elements from colourful trims and cool patches to choose from. Attimidadly I was a little overwhelmed at having so many cute options to choose from but with the guidance from Gilles and his team and after playing around for an hour I finally decided to strip some of my original crazy designs and keep it simple with 2 perfectly placed bananas.
I walked out of the store wearing my new creation and although I may have received a few strange looks in the street I’m loving my creation that represents my personality. Fashion is meant to be fun and Gilles and the team at Maille Léo certainly know it! 🙂
 77 Rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris
01 43 57 44 20
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