Today I discovered a Parisian BBQ and a cute little lapin.

So here I am waiting at the door of a beautiful house in the 16th arrondissement in Paris, psyching myself up to go inside.  I think it’s only natural to feel a bit nervous going to my first Parisian soirée with a bunch of people I have never even met.  I hardly speak French and this could get seriously awkward – but I’m here now (#yolo).  I knock on the door.

Salut! Salut!  The door opens and it’s Alizée from last night.  Kisses on both cheeks – something I’m still getting used to, and most of the time I accidently go in for a third.  As an Australian, a quick peck on one cheek or a simple handshake is sufficient.  Not in Paris.  Alizée welcomes me in and we continue through the house to the little courtyard out the back where all of her friends are sitting under a canopy of twisted vines.  The conversation stops and everyone stares at me for a few seconds.  Okay…the awkwardness is soon over as they get up one by one to politely introduce themselves.

Alizée then tells me she has a surprise and disappears off into the house.  Et voilà, out she comes with the cutest lapin I’ve ever seen.  Her name is Simba.  How could I not take 100 photos?  Please.

The BBQ is now well underway.  All her friends speak a little English and they all take the time to come and talk with me.   Why do I have the pink balloon, they ask, and why did I come to Paris when all the people they know are going to Australia?  I share my story 10 times over and I’m having a bloody good time. In all this talk I also learn that Alizée is a rather inspiring young business lady, creating her own blog Dettachéedepresse.com when she was only 20.  Super impressive and très interesting.  I have asked her if she would like to share her story on the blog another day, so that’s something to look forward to!  Rosé is flowing and we continue to eat delicious pulled pork, marinated mozzarella and cherry tomato salad, while chatting late into the afternoon.

As for not understanding French, I really didn’t feel uncomfortable at all – everyone was very friendly which, to be honest, was a bit surprising.  I know the day will come where I’ll feel extremely left out because of the language barrier, but thankfully it wasn’t today.

A little tipsy, I decide it’s time to go.  Gros bisous for everyone and à bientôt!

Oh and P.S., you remember yesterday there was talk of a potential guy?   Let’s just say he wasn’t really my type.  😉 The manhunt continues.

Still getting lost in the right direction.



allée des roses

I think it’s here?

alizée english

The hostess with the mostess.

rabbit theballoondiary

Une lapin.


 Wall. Tu es belle.

bunny lapin theballoondiary


anna dawon

 He hates me already 🙁

the balloon diary

 Team work.

jardin balcon


soraya khireddine

Coucou Soraya!

gateau au chocolat

Made with love. Gateau au chocolat.

soraya khireddine - alizée english

Friends? Almost.