Hey mes petit dreamers,

Today I discovered Aude, a fabulous French lifestyle blogger.

Before moving to Paris I had no idea about social media. I didn’t have an Instagram account and barely even used Facebook – however, when you arrive somewhere completely new, you figure out that social media can be pretty useful. I’m not the type to buy a Lonely Planet or any guides to Paris. For me, the best way to get information on the places I want to go and the type of experiences I’m looking for is to have is to go straight to the source. So I did.

I discovered @Audesark on Instagram not long after I started my own account for the Balloon Diary, and I fell in love with her chic interpretation of Parisian culture and her personal style.

I got in touch, asking Aude if she’d be interested in meeting up to have a chat and give me the down-low on all things French and Fabulous – and share a bit about her life with me. I arranged a girl date at Martin Luther King Park: a chill haven to wander without distractions.

Aude is 29, half-French, half-Iranian, and has her own lifestyle blog – – where she shares her thoughts on everything and anything from music, film, fashion, food, travel, beauty, and her own Parisian discoveries.

I love the feel of Aude’s blog. ‘But it’s in French!’ you say. And? I can use Google Translate (although if you’ve tried it, you’ll know it’s the not the greatest), and I can still appreciate her artistic style. It is unpretentious and her topics and photographs are versatile. Follow Aude on some of her travel adventures or get the DL on the latest concerts and French films.

Overall: a super stylish and sweet Parisian. You will get to know more about Aude and her own blog journey soon!

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Talking all things french & fabulous.


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 Aude. What a babe.


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