Hello petit dreamers,

I was lucky enough to experience my first ever Cannes Film Festival!  Cannes Film Festival has always been on my bucket list but to be invited by Phyto to walk the red carpet for the 69th International Film Festival was really something else.

The day didn’t get off to the greatest start. Arriving at the airport at 7am with Julien aka my mon amour/photographer and partner in crime we lined up to check in our luggage.  30 minutes later we get to the counter only to discover that our tickets were never confirmed. Awesome. Frantically we tried to organise another ticket as we had to be in Cannes for the red carpet that night!  Everything was booked out for the festival. We sat down and left our almost impossible mission of getting to Cannes on the busiest day of the year to the lucky lady at Air France.

A few candy bars from the vending machine and a bit of celebrity spotting and we were finally called to the counter to find out our fate.  We have tickets!  “But wait” the nice lady from Air France interrupts “you will have to make a quick stop over”. A stop over to Nice?  It’s 1hr away!!!??? OK, so instead of flying directly to Nice we were going to have to make a small stop over in Corsica. Completely NOT on the way to Nice.  But hey I’ll do 50 stop overs to meet Johnny Depp.  Corsica here we come.

We arrive in Corsica for 15 minutes and run to get our connecting flight to Nice.  I have to say that from the sky and tarmac Corsica looks amazing!

Onto the next plane and finally, we had arrived in Cannes and it was time to start my red carpet experience. I sat down slightly dishevelled after the whirlwind trip and realised that I get to have my hair done by the amazing Anthony Cristiano and my paranoia over my bad hair day disappeared. I was in good hands. A bit 😉 of makeup by the lovely Julien from Makeup Forever and all the Phyto ladies – KenzathedailydebNatacha birds and Cannelle Gruette-David directrice internationnale de Phyto headed over to the rooftop of the Majestic hotel to drink cocktails to take the edge off before the red carpet!

With an amazing view over the Cinema and all the people who lined the streets to get a glimpse of the real celebrities walking the carpet, it actually set in.  I was about the walk the freaking Red Carpet at the Cannes Film Festival! For the first time I realised s*** this could be a disaster.  I am not particularly good in heels let alone long dresses let alone walking up a flight of stairs in front of a million photographers. I got into the car and thought to myself I’m Anna, not Angelina. If I fall down the stairs or have a nipple slip no one will care anyway. I felt better. 3 deep breaths and the car door opened. A few awkward steps a few awkward poses for photographers who I’m sure are trying to shoot the girl behind me and I was already at the top!  And like all things that scare me it was over before I knew it and again like all things that scare me it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

We watched the film PALME D’OR.  It was seriously good and well worth the red carpet jitters. Insider tip – take your tissues when you go to see it at the cinema! It was the end of the film and time to let my fab hair down at the Albano. Dancing the night away I didn’t have any encounters with any big celebs – my closest brush with fame was with George Clooney outside the bathrooms at the airport in a poster for his espresso campaign. Maybe next year George. Maybe next year.



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