Hey mes petits dreamers,

Today I discovered Les Jardins du Ruisseau, a secret garden right here in the center of Paris.

Over just a few years, locals and residents of the 18th have turned this hidden place on Rue du Ruisseau into a beautiful haven.  It’s run by an association that allows you to participate in the life of a shared garden, if you live in the district.  If you don’t make the cut, you are still welcomed with slightly dirty open arms to come and sit amongst the vegetables and flowers that are grown and pampered by the volunteers. The garden is open for all to enjoy.

The concept of the garden is that it serves the community, not only as a shared space, but also one that educates locals on environmental awareness, embellishes the living environment of this very diverse neighborhood, encourages sharing, and exposes people to arts and culture.  All of these factors combined make the garden an intimate and unique haven.  Did I also mention that it houses bees?  Yes, bees.

In some parts of the garden it’s hard identify the flowers from the weeds, but that’s what makes it so beautiful. Wild and random is a breath of fresh air compared to most of the perfectly preened gardens in Paris.  This one is more my speed: imperfect and full of random surprises in each parcel, like quirky little figurines and all sorts of weird stuff poking out.  My new favorite garden hands down.

What’s more exciting is that if you have never discovered the Jardins du Ruisseau yourself, I saw on a poster that next Saturday, the 4th and Sunday, the 5th of July, they are holding a Festival ‘CLIGNANCOURT DANSE SUR LES RAILS.’ It’s basically a large block party dedicated to dance, installations, and music.  I don’t have any other info. But you don’t need it.

Be there or be boring.  I will be there with my balloon so come and say hello 🙂 A bientôt!

Still getting lost in the right direction.




Mr potato head.  What a creep.


 A little super Mario.  But who doesn’t love super Mario.


 Could I possibly be any cooler? Yes.


Admiring the poules aka chickens.


 Enjoying my own company.  Again.




 Rainbow planter box heaven.


Beware the hose.


My new happy place.