colone de buren






Bonjour mes petits dreamers!

Today I discovered Les Colonnes de Buren and realised that I needed a game plan.

As I was climbing all over the “art” today, I encountered an unforeseen threat. A little Frenchie tried to “borrow” my balloon. It was then and there that I realized I had to consider other potential dangers. So.

Potential Danger #1: Rose bushes

Being in Paris, this is a HUGE threat. At every corner you have the most extraordinary gardens both big and small, and they often house the most dangerous bloom of all – the rose bush. One of these magnificent specimens could potentially be fatal.

Potential Danger #2: The Selfie Stick

Not only a hazard to fellow travelers simply trying to enjoy the vista without being poked in the eye, these devilish devices also pose another serious threat.

Solution? Keep an eye out for bum bags (otherwise known as fanny packs). They are a red flag for someone who may secretly be carrying this villainous device. Note the bum bag as a stern warning to keep my precious close.

Potential Danger #3: A gust of wind

This could sweep my beloved away.

But then again, you can’t control the weather so whatevs.

Potential Danger #4: Children

We have reached my highest priority threat. They might be the world’s most well-dressed little humans, but these stylish critters still pose the biggest threat as they are dangerously curious.

Game plan: I will have to keep my wits about me when I see one on the approach. Don’t get distracted by their delightfully colour-coordinated outfits and cheeky smiles – and NEVER eat candy whilst holding my balloon. This could be a double-bait that will draw them even closer.


It’s nice to feel somewhat prepared, but we all know you can’t control the future or people in particular kids so at the end of every day i’ll give the balloon to a petit smiling assassin. No biggie.

Merci, Chloe, for being a part of my story and taking the balloon out of my hands today.

See you tomorrow!