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Bonjour mes petits dreamers!

Today I discovered le Trocadéro – a place much loved by tourists and roller blade enthusiasts. (But I’ll stick with my heels today, thank you).

Now that I have arrived, and after a few photos I realise that I’m not in the mood for sight seeing and watching couples taking cute selfies with their freakin selfie sticks.

Oh, to be sitting down at a bistro stuffing my face with cheese, drinking vin rouge, and chatting the afternoon away with a friend…. that’s what i’m in the mood for. It is time to make some new friends. One’s who like to drink vin rouge and eat copious amounts of cheese.

Then I remembered.

The week I left my old life behind and set off on my adventure, I made a fabulous new friend named Charlotte: a Parisian make-up artist now living in Sydney. (Would you believe it. A serious case of switching lives.) Charlotte had posted a selfie of the two of us on Facebook, and she included a lengthy shout out to all her Parisian friends just for me.

I had noticed one guy in particular who’d “liked” her post. He looked rather interesting. Maybe he could show me around Paris? I will message him tonight.

See you tomorrow – hopefully in a better mood !