Hey mes petit dreamers,

Today I discovered le Sacré-Coeur, and that it’s a good idea to keep your hand bag close!

The Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre, or le Sacré-Coeur, is a major landmark in Paris.  The site has a complex history from pagan times through the Middle Ages and the French Revolution, and is now a major tourist hot spot.  The top of the dome is open to the public and is the second-highest point in Paris, after the Eiffel Tower.  It’s always teeming with tourists, all enjoying the vista.

Historically, the site is known for the beheading of the city’s patron, Saint Denis.  Story goes that, upon being slain, the bishop Denis picked up his severed head and carried it to the top of the hill – my kind of story.

Le Sacré-Coeur design is rather unique as it was constructed of stone from Château-Landon, which is known for its high content of calcite.  This means that, in wet weather, the calcite seeps out of the stone, keeping the appearance of the Basilica chalky white.  Génial!

The view is obviously breath-taking, but what put a real Debbie downer on the whole Sacré-Coeur experience for me was the invasion of bracelet bandits and pick pockets: lurking, trying to tie unwanted jewelry on your writs or nick your phone or wallet straight out of your fanny pack.  So keep your eyes open and your Birkin close!

In Australia, I never even had to worry about such things – but I like living dangerously, so I’m sure I’ll return to the glorious Sacré-Coeur to enjoy an apéro in the sun and listen to some of the locals playing live music on the grass.

I left unscathed with some beautiful pics and, most importantly, my precious iPhone.

Still getting lost in the right direction.




 Calcite working it’s magic.


 Pick pocket police.


 Enjoying my own company.


 Bon Anniversaire!!


 Only Beyonce can judge me.


 Welcome to Paris.


 I repeat. Only Beyonce can judge me.


The bracelet bandits.


 Being a tourist. The best form of exercise.


 Where Amélie met Nino. Awe.


 Just do it.


Dream up!