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Hey mes petits dreamers,

Today I discovered Le Perchoir, my first rooftop in Paris and this season’s new look ice cream. What more could a girl want?

You’re probably starting to think I’m a tad boring from all of my talk about chilling out in parks BUT don’t be deceived – I also love to let loose.  So today I went to my first Parisian rooftop bar toting my all-time favorite coat.

Nestled on top of a tall building sits Le Perchoir.  It’s an enormously popular bar (I know because Google told me), with magical 360-degree views over the rooftops of Paris.  Once you arrive on the 7th floor, you’ll find a vast space surrounding a handsome bar strewn with garlands of rainbow lights, all under a huge white tent.  Need a place to sit?  Take your pick of comfy sofas covered in cushions, surrounded by colorful plants and scented herbs in pots.  You can watch the sunset over the Sacré Coeur, ice roll in hand. This is really something.

Ice rolls, you say?  Wtf are ice rolls?  Well, let me light up your confectionary life. 

Introducing the life-changing Parisian ice cream experience of the season the iceroll !  It’s a whole new look for ice cream: choose your favorite flavor and all the lovely little extras – I went for strawberry with coconut – and watch as the ice roll master artfully weaves his magic on the frozen surface right in front of your very eyes.  Just a few entertaining minutes and, BOOM, you have a new alternative to drinking a glass of water between cocktails.

My first of many Parisian rooftop bar visits.  And we’re off to a delicious start!

Still getting lost in the right direction.



le perchoir - the balloon diary

 I didn’t think I was that boring 🙁

iceroll - le perchoir

 Ice cream is so 2014. It’s all about the Iceroll baby.

iceroll - anna dawson

More more more.

anna dawson - iceroll

A fake smile maybe. But the happiness was real.


 I be rollin.

iceroll - paris

It’s a perfect manicure. I don’t know what you’re talking about?

le perchoir - paris

 When in doubt. Blur it out.

the balloon diary

Amazing view of the Sacré Coeur! Use you’re imagination.

design - le perchoir

 So artistic 😉

le perchoir

 Some leaves. Boring.

perspective - theballoondiary.com

 Always looking up.