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Hey mes petits dreamers,

Today I discovered le Parc clichy-batignolles Martin Luther King, a fine example of a contemporary public park.  And what else, you say?  Well, actually, nothing at all.

Arriving from Australia, the many neighborhood parks of Paris are literally a breath of fresh air, with their colorful blossoms and duck-filled ponds.  This park is most impressive and it’s only a few years old: a multi-use, super-eco-friendly green space that would likely not have existed had Paris won its bid for the 2012 Olympics.  Bested by London for the honor of hosting the Games, Paris has transformed the would-be home of its Olympic Village into the lively le Parc clichy-batignolles Martin Luther King. 

The park pays high attention to usability and ecological issues, as well as having a good standard of design.  It’s home to all sorts of beautiful trees – including magnolias, cherry trees, apple trees, and dogwoods – and vast areas of rolling lawns.  It also houses a colorful community garden of herbs, vegetables, and flowers.  Today, some of the grassy areas were politely designated off-limits with signs that read, “The grass is resting.”  Haha, don’t you love it?

I’ve mentioned to you before that I tend to “float off” – more specifically into the realm of anxiety and stressing about the future – so I’ve made a solemn promise to myself to pick at least one day a week to visit one of Paris’s secret (or not so secret) little gardens where I can sit, relax, and just breathe whilst I’m here.  Time to gather my thoughts and not become too overwhelmed.

I don’t have anything profound to share with you today.  Oh sorry, I forget – I never do 😉  After taking some pics of this cool, green space, the rest of the day was dedicated to sprawling around and thinking about not much at all.  In case you’ve never tried, it’s actually a rather difficult thing to master.  To be able to sit still and not get carried away with the chatter in your mind and all the hard-hitting questions: ‘what if this? what if that? why didn’t he text me back? when should I text him?’  So I have no grand story to share with you today.  We all need some chill time. Especially crazies like me 😉 

Still getting lost in the right direction.



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