Hey mes petits dreamers,

Today I discovered le Mur pour la Paix and that some people are A** holes.

The Mur pour la Paix or Wall for Peace was freely inspired by the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and is a place where visitors used to be able to leave their own personal messages of peace in the slots on the walls.  The monument measures nearly 16 meters long, 13 meters wide and 9 meters high and has large glass facades covered in the word “peace” in 49 different languages.

The wall was designed by artist Clara Halter and was erected in Paris on the Champ de Mars, close to the Eiffel Tower in March 2000.  The monument that celebrates peace was unfortunately repeatedly vandalized every year after its construction by douchebag graffiti artists ending up costing the council € 27,000 in maintenance every year.

Sadly today it is now abandoned and protected by gates where access is “apparently” forbidden to the public.

I’m unsure of what the future holds for the Wall of Peace, all I know is that it felt pretty special to wander around alone lost in my own thoughts, trying to remember how to say Peace in as many languages as I possibly could.  I don’t remember any.

Still getting lost in the right direction.






 Enjoying the vista.


 Peace. Peace. Peace.


 The writings on the wall.


 Broken glass 🙁


Feeling peaceful.


 Surf in Paris.


 Living dangerously #yolo.


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