Hey mes petits dreamers,

Today I discovered le Café A and played dress-up in a secret garden.

Café A is a beloved, artistic landmark here in Paris. It was previously an 18th-century convent called Les Récollets. The building is made from huge white stones, and it contains a secret garden and courtyard where you can stretch out on chaise longues to relax, reading books or getting lost in cocktails. The space is often transformed during the summertime to host a number of events, such as small concerts or exhibitions of young, up-and-coming artists.

The courtyard is full of overhanging trees and I decide it’s time to get lost. Off I go, and as soon as I venture down the first set of small steps, something sparkly catches my eye. OMG. Hanging all around the bottom of the garden are bright and sparkly vintage delights. YSL, Chanel, Lacroix, Hermes, Dior…. Dresses, coats, hats…. For the love of vintage, can this day get any better? Yes. Yes it can.

Bonjour! Out pops a little head from behind all of the fabulousness. It’s Eva, the proud owner of these fine specimens. Eva owns a vintage boutique,, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. She tells me that tonight is the opening of a special event that will run for one month. Havana Club has transformed the space into a Little Cuba and is inviting the public to come and create your own mojito, learn how to dance Cuban, and to generally just get down and get festive in little havana paris!

Eva will be showing off her fine vintage stash for the event. I then tell Eva that, no, I haven’t just been to a 5-year-old’s party, but that I’ve created a concept called The Balloon Diary to share my discoveries in Paris. I also expressed my love of vintage fashion, and Eva was so cool that she suggested I whip on one of her cute little numbers for my photos today. Without hesitation I got naked.

Now I’m twinkling around the garden and living happily ever after in my 1960’s Pierre Cardin.

Still getting lost in the right direction.



the balloon diary

Waiting for a call…


Please. The balloon wait’s for no one!


Time for a drink.

havana anna dawson



Seriously? Is someone going to buy me a drink?

emmanuel duverrière

Maybe vous?

havana club

Don’t look!

havana party

How much?


Always looking up.


Pretty in pink.

little havana

Dream up!