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Hey mes petits dreamers,

Today I discovered Laurent Favre-Mot and gained a few extra, well-worth-it kilojoules.

My first dreary day in Paris…and what better way to spend the afternoon than sipping tea and stuffing my face with Parisian treats in Pigalle!  I’d heard about this new pâtisserie that had just been opened by well-known pastry chef Laurent Favre-Mot.

This monsieur is originally from Marseille, but he sold his pâtisserie there and left in search of more excitement in Paris.  Launching only two weeks ago, this cute little hole in the wall warmly welcomes you in to taste all the delicious treats on offer.  With a sleek design, the space nonetheless feels cosy with all the hanging art and other quirky personal touches.  Sit and sip away the day whilst a cute elf sitting in a hole in the wall flips you the bird (And don’t worry, I gave it right back).

Made with love, fresh everyday, there is an abundance of tempting options such as madeleine citron, graine de sésame, gelée de mandarine, crème citron trempée and chocolat noir. Some of the mouth watering treats are even creatively disguised as little robots, lego, skulls and mini hamburgers. I know right.  So cute.

What’s also fantastic is that, once you’ve hit the sweet spot, you can continue the feast in a savoury direction as they also offer a great lunch menu.

Laurent and his partner couldn’t have been more welcoming and friendly, explaining all of the delicious recipes and telling me the story of their new adventure in Paris.

I highly recommend going and destroying a few candy robots and chocolate covered marshmallow bears.

Still getting lost in the right direction.



laurent favre-mot

 The master himself.

 Laurent Favre-Mot. You light up my life.

the balloon

The bird. Welcomed and returned.

anna dawson the balloondiary

Ooh la la. Decisions decisions.

hamburger sucré - laurent favre mot


patisserie l'aurent favre mot

Moustache. Better on a biscuit than on your face.

vivre paris - the balloon diary

Spotted! The balloon diary in Vivre Paris! #yolo #parisjetaime

laurent favre-mot et anna dawson

Talking biscuits.

theballoondiary patisserie

Pretend like I just said something hilarious.

skull - chocolate

Death by chocolate.

laurent favre-mot et the balloon diary

Because tables are comfy.

shop pastry pigalle

It’s all in the details.

anna dawson the balloon diary

 He had it coming.


Open :  10H00 – 20H00 du mardi au dimanche /12 Rue Manuel 75009 / 50 meters of rue des Martyrs