Hey mes petits dreamers,

Today I discovered la Piscine Molitor and watched babes dance down a catwalk in this season’s latest swimwear.

The Piscine Molitor was originally opened in 1929, an Art Deco gem that was the pool of its day and continued to be one of the most beloved pools in Paris till it closed in 1989. It was classified as an historic monument after it closed and became an impromptu center for graffiti art and an occasional venue for rave parties and fashion shoots.

In August 2007, The Accor Hotel Group won the bid to renovate and rebuild the pool, transforming it into a luxury hotel, spa, and pool club. The result is a visually stunning nautically themed three-story cement complex with sleek ocean-liner-like architecture. The hotel boasts 124 luxury rooms, restaurant and bar all decorated by Jean Philippe using a cool mix of Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern design; the result is a glamorous oasis right in the heart of Paris.

However, more relevant to todays theme is the fact that in 1946, the first modern bikini, by the designer Louis Réard, was unveiled at this very pool, making it the perfect backdrop for todays parade by Mode City Mode City International Salon of lingerie and swimwear  to showcase this seasons latest summer trends.

Watching the show in this amazing location was like being on the set of a glamorous film and by the finale I was left lusting after every bikini that had come down the catwalk and thinking I seriously need to work on my posture.

If you’re looking for a sexy place to get wet this summer, then is the place for you, but it won’t come cheap. You can buy a guest pass that gives you pool access for the day, but it will set you back 180 euros! Think I’ll just go home to take a shower and wait for my birthday 😉 #pendingyolo.

Still getting lost in the right direction.




 Coucou Molitor.


 Searching for babes.




 Blue & yellow.


  Nice work Jean Philippe.


 Pool #2.


 Doing laps.


 Oasis in Paris.


 Working on my posture.


 Go girl! #skills

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