palais royal

Today I discovered the secret HQ for Kiehl’s and la Maison Molière.

Wandering through the streets of downtown Paris, past the Royal Palace and the famous Colonnes de Buren flashback to day 8, when I stumbled upon this super-chic boutique just a few blocks down on rue de Richelieu.  As I was floating by, an illuminated heart caught my eye.  Turns out it was the HQ for Kiehl’s here in Paris.  And just my luck a fabulous Parisienne lady who was standing out the front with her champagne invited me in for a drink.  I got to meander through a fashionable warren of secret rooms and see their full range of exclusive products.  A mix of modern industrial with all the traditional French touches.  I was totally in love with the space.

A rather handsome gentleman also gave me a private tour and talked me though the whole range of cosmetics – in French.  Obviously I didn’t understand a word. I just dropped a few “Oui, oui’s” every few minutes.  He had no idea 😉

Kiehl’s is well known for their all-natural, high-quality ingredients and I’m totally into it, being a lover of all things natural – minus certain essentials such as my hairspray.  If you’ve seen my crazy mop you know I what I’m talking about!  After all this excitement of course, I ended up going home with a few lovely miracle sunflower and ginger potions AKA the Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate.  Okay, so it wasn’t a guy, but beauty products are the next best thing.

To top it all off, the lovely lady who invited me in, was cool enough to ask me to come to a barbecue at her house tomorrow.  I also mentioned that I was on a quest to meet a nice Frenchman and she told me that she would love to introduce me to a friend of hers tomorrow.  A little intimidated, but in my new mindset of saying YES, I gladly accepted her invitation and I’m excited to meet some new people.

Oh, and that guy from Facebook that I was supposed to meet up with this week?  Never heard from him. What a douchebag.

Snooze you loose, Frenchie.  He was probably too short for me anyway 😉

 Still getting lost in the right direction.



i love kiehls

Maybe it doesn’t look like it. But heart Kiehl’s.

maison molière paris

Practicing what I preach.


 The lovely Jojo. Creator of the event.


 Marking my territory.

anna dawson the balloon diary

 Stairway to Kiehl’s heaven.

kiehls showroom

 Coucou my love.


 Excuse moi?

kiehls dayly reviving concentrate

 The secret potion..

kiehls paris

 “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” . Eleanor Roosevelt

australie paris

 Aussie Aussi Aussi.


 He’ll do.


Mirror mirror.

place du palais royale

 Welcome back.

pyramide du louvre

 Paris you are jolie.