Hey mes petits dreamers,

Still on island time yesterday I discovered La Guerite on the lush isle of Sainte-Marguerite.  Paradise found.

You can only access this little piece of paradise that sits in the heart of the Mediterranean by boat and it’s only a quick 20-minute trip from Cannes and absolutely well worth it.

The main feature of this charming island is the historic Fort Royal that provides the amazing backdrop.  The Spanish built it in 1635 during the Thirty Years War.  It also became a prison in 1637. Today the fort is now home to a youth hostel and the Musee de la Mer but enough about that it was time to sit down, relax and settle in to a long lunch.

The postcard perfect La Guérite suited me just fine.  To get to the restaurant you walk barefoot along a winding pebbled path that is shaded by fragrant pine and eucalyptus trees, which reminds me of back home in Australia. Not far to go and you arrive at the beachfront restaurant and WOW.  It’s rather fancy, but totally relaxed, un pretentious and casual in spirit.  Just my cup of tea.

So there I was feeling a million miles from civilisation. I sat down and after looking through so many delicious options, I finally decided on the house muscles accompanied by a delicious glass of the new G.H.MUMM champagne blanc de blanc to celebrate my discovery.  The muscles arrived and of course it was scrumptious.  With the backdrop of the shimmering Mediterranean and castle that looms overhead, I felt totally spoilt.  It’s moments like those that you wish time could stand still.

This little island paradise will calm your frazzled nerves and soothe your soul and as for the La Guérite I  fell in love with it’s gorgeous setting, delicious seafood and laid back vibes.  If  my cosmic order made earlier in my trip ever eventuates and the time comes to plan my own dream wedding it would be here.  Ok, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Today I spent the day lounging by the hotel pool as I have a big party tomorrow and can’t wait to share 🙂

Still getting lost in the right direction.




En route to paradise.


 Fort Royal.


Stress 7480 kms away.  Just where I like it.


La Guerite.


 Get off my balloon.


Unbelievable Panama.


 Barefoot is best.


-Une coupe de champagne mademoiselle? -Avec plaisir monsieur !


 You are my sunshine.


Get back here.


Postcard perfect.


Paradise found.


Dream up!