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Hey mes petits dreamers,

Today I discovered la Fête de la musique and  the Ground Control. Could this city possibly get any cooler? The answer: no.

The original idea behind this World Music Day was the French “Fête de la Musique”, launched on June 21st, 1982. It’s the day of the summer solstice and the shortest night of the year, making it ideal for partying all night long. On this day every year, both amateurs and professional musicians storm the streets and belt out their own individual tunes, bringing together an eclectic mash-up of styles and genres. They set up all over Paris: in the streets, gardens, squares and courtyards. What’s not to love about this gloriously loud festival?

The Minister of Culture, Jack Lang – the same legend that was responsible for the Buren Columns – created this fabulous festival.  He was inspired by the French Music and Dance Director, Maurice Fleuret, who noticed that five million people in France played a musical instrument. The Festival reaches out to rural communities and offers concerts in hospitals and prisons across France – because even crims deserve a little music.

The concept has since become an international success and the Festival now exists in more than 100 countries across the globe, complimenting the explosion of world music.

Today I’m wandering the streets like a real Parisian, from concert to concert, discovering new groups, singing and dancing with their families and friends. Today it feels like anything goes. And that’s just how I like it. The last stop for today and easily the most photogenic Ground Control a super cool bar in the 18th. I let my freak fly and dance like nobody’s watching.

Still getting lost in the right direction.




 Ground control to major Tom.


 So hipster. Minus the hipster.


 You’re not going anywhere.


 Who can resist a crochet wall?




 Me and my imaginary mate.


 The lapin obsession continues..


I thought no one was watching???


 Too short? Never.


 Summer. Je t’aime.